Since our beginnings in 1996, HRMAB continues to be the leading advocate of human resource management issues in Barbados. With a current membership of over 245 human resource professionals from various sectors across the island, the Association boasts the most extensive growing network of individuals knowledgeable in all areas related to Industrial Relations, Labour Management and Human Resource Development.

In an era where the industrial climate can be volatile and maintaining productivity is imperative for any business to succeed, HRMAB is an organization geared towards helping members adopt the best Human Resource practices and guaranteeing that they gain exposure to indispensable HR information. For less than 28 cents a day, HR professionals can enhance their professional status and become an invaluable asset to their organisation. We offer leadership roles and development opportunities for our members, and provide opportunities for member interaction and professional development to enhance and enrich the profession.

Given our mission, we aim to positively influence national and organizational policies and practices that impact the management and development of people. This clearly conveys that we not only facilitate the growth of organizations, but also ensure that the workplace’s most valuable asset, the employee, is enhanced.

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